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About the Series

Portalist is a high-concept series that is set within multiple dimensions and revolves around a woman discovering her incredible ability to cross the border between them. She becomes obsessed with finding an explanation but instead finds that the answer may threaten her very existence. Meanwhile, a teenager has a run-in with a mysterious syndicate who believe he is tied to strange dimensional activity. 

8 One-Hour Chapters

  • Woman in the Window

  • The Second Horizon

  • Paradigms

  • Gatekeeper

  • Black Box

  • Crucible

  • X

  • The Needle

Making a Dimension

Portalist has been in the writing room since early 2017. It's been a journey, and we've spent a significant portion of the time refining the storyline to balance a high concept sci-fi narrative with its ability to be understood by a general audience. The idea was to create an intricate story that spanned multiple dimensions. It's large and grand but also organic and meaningful- containing themes of finding self worth and personal growth.

The series features a dynamic cast of memorable and relatable characters. Their journeys will change them, and you may notice that their actions have an effect across the different dimensions featured in the story... maybe even further.

We filled the script to the brim with stunning visuals and creative situations, and there is plenty more planned for future seasons. It's going to be a wild, exciting ride that appeals to the eyes as much as it does to the mind. We can't wait to share Portalist with the world!

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